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With These Amazing Features:

  • Checkout Recommendations

    Offers checkout recommendation for your customers, just like and does it!
  • Custom Shipping Form

    Take the pain out of customize your MarketPress shipping form manually and making it very simple for you to customize your shipping form with no technical knowledge needed.
  • Product Carousel Widget

    Place an elegant carousel at the widget area to showcase your products, thus, leading to more eyeballs and more sales.
  • Product Search Widget

    Making it easier for your customers to find the product they want!
  • Slide Cart

    Add slide cart to your MarketPress site which lets you edit / remove products (without going to checkout page) and automatically update upon clicking the "Add To Cart" button, just like
  • Wishlist

    Transform mere visitors to buyers & increase profits with no extra advertising cost. Reduce cart abandonment and increase stickiness.
  • Product Comparison

    Let your visitors to select more than one product and compare them side by side. Make your store much more cooler!
  • Cross Selling Feature

    Increase average order value & make more $$$ , just like does it!
  • Dynamic Grid

    All-around awesome grid building solution for MarketPress that allows you to showcase your products in a highly flexible and customizable grid.
  • Get This Free

    Automatically change the button text as well as price label of products with the price tag of $0.00 (free) into anything you want. Best way to sell free (digital) product!
  • Purchase Motivator

    Motivate your customers to spend more $$$ on your site. The best way to increase sales and make more money with almost no efforts.
  • Social Sharing

    Let your customers become your sales person by spreading good words of your products via their favorite social networks.

What People Are Saying

I have been using WordPress for as far back as I can remember and during this time, I have installed literally hundreds [probably thousands] of WordPress sites, themes, plugins and everything else that goes with this process.

Along with all of this, I have worked with a truckload of theme authors, plugin authors, WP code experts, etc., etc.

I rarely do testimonials or reviews and so on, because as you know, there are already so many where you just know that what has been written is only there because of some behind the scenes hand-shake or something similar.

However, in the case of MarketPressThemes, a testimonial is not only justified, it is a real pleasure to write.

Nathan Onn is the owner and I have to say that without a doubt, he is one of the most helpful people I have come across in my years of working on the Net. I have purchased several of his themes and plugins [all great value and excellent products] and it's his commitment to after-sales-service that has impressed me most.

Unfortunately, I was stuck more times than I like to admit on several occasions and yet, even though I bugged the hell out of Nathan, he has never complained and saved my neck every time.

  • Themes 9/10
  • Plugins 9/10
  • Service 10/10
I am impressed!
James Burton ( )
MarketPress works. I tried the free plugin at first and really liked the way it integrated with my theme. It also allowed me to apply my SEO plugin just like I would on a standard page or post. I then decided to purchase the membership and found that the support is excellent. These guys are super helpful and very responsive. The floating cart plugin is really great too! Thanks for everything.
Paul Palumbo ( Equine Peak Performance )
I must say that the level of professional and support are amazing! And the willingness to create plugins and work around that support market press have been a life savoir. I highly recommend to anyone who want to build smart websites with great functionality and low confusion.
Jafar Amin ( Nuwshop )

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